Immediate Healthcare At 2 Am In The Morning

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Back in the day this is what happened. Your small child woke up. She woke you up as well. And when you checked into her bedroom to see what was the matter, you found that she was running a horribly high temperature. She was feverish and shivering all over. You were helpless too. All that was left for you to do was to dial your GP and ask him to please come over and hurry. Aye, this he did, still dressed in his pajamas and gown, at two am in the morning.

You remember those days if you are old enough. Maybe your kids will too. Or maybe not. Sadly, how things have changed, for the worst seemingly in some critical cases. Because phone the GP at 2 in the morning and will he come? Never mind that, he has not even picked the phone up. You were lucky if you were left with a message dialogue promising that he would get back to you at the earliest in the morning.

Sadly, it happens today. With rare exceptions, general practitioners are no longer doing house calls, not at that time of the night, not in the morning, and not even in the day time. But fortunately, all is not lost. Because now you can reach out to an online version of your good old fashioned family doctor in the form of a healthcare services tracy ca practice. And it does give high priority to urgent calls and emergencies.

It tells you exactly what to do in a state of emergency, who to contact and what to do. And you can refer to your online doctor at any time you like during the day for general every day medical advice.