Weight Loss Programs and Ambivalence

Here’s a bold statement for this type of forum – weight loss programs are like snake oil. It is a bold statement, but if you’re one of those people who has spent any time in your life worrying about your weight and handing over your hard-earned dollars to lose a few pounds for a short while, then you might have some sympathy with the idea.

Yes, there are lots of overweight people in N. America and yes it does cause an issue for over-stretched health services. But in reality, weight is an intensely personal thing. That statement is both literal and metaphorical. First of all the things that work for all those other people might not work for you as weight loss programs winnipeg knows only too well. Next the only person whose feelings on the topic matter is you.

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Let’s assume for the sake of argument that you have decided you need to take some action about your weight. If the reasons why you’re doing it are your reasons and they matter to you. They are not someone else’s projected reasons which you are complying because you ‘should’, then really it is enough.

If you have decided to drop some pounds and your motivation is backed by the right personal reasons then you will probably reach your goal. You can set yourself up for success and get some help along the way. If your reasons are health or longevity or simply because you choose to, then that is good enough for the rest of the world.

Motivation is key and if the motivation is about someone else – then it will be inevitably harder to lose weight. You are not alone. For every perfect athletic specimen out there, there’s hundreds of others feel they don’t measure up. Don’t buy it.